Terms of use

Prohibited use

The following activity is prohibited from the IP adresses of the service:

  • email spamming;
  • computer networks integrity violation (hacking);
  • creation of parasitic load on computer networks (DdoS attacks);
  • usage of someone else’s payment accounts, carding;
  • cheating;
  • activities violating the law of the country a server is located in;

Rules for refunds

A refund is made on conditions that a customer is not able to use the service because of technical or other reasons. A refund is made on the grounds of appeal to the technical support via official communication channels (stated on the website or via the website itself). A refund should be made within 15 days upon receipt of the customer appeal. A refund should be made using the same payment instrument which the customer has used for paying the services. The minimal refund sum is $10.

Account deletion

In case there is no activity on an account within one year the Service has a right to suspend the work of the account. Subscriptions suspended for more than a year should be unfrozen automatically and the money should be added to an account. After that the money should be written off the account by 10% monthly until it is over.