Terms of Service

Dear Secrets Line customers! For the fastest and safest applications work-flow on all platforms, it is recommended to observe the Secrets Line Terms of Use In case of violation, you may be denied to access to your Secrets Line personal account on all platforms unilaterally.

If at the time of installation, using or paying for the subscription you encounter any problems, you can apply to the Secrets Line terms of use or the customer support following support@secretsline.biz at any time.

  1. Use
  2. Applications
  3. Usage restrictions
  4. Subscription
  5. Refund
  6. Servers
  7. Customer support

Secrets Line software use

Installing, operating, distributing, or otherwise using the software, you agree to all of the provisions of the user agreement and the Secrets Line terms of use.

Each software product has its own installation instructions, partially shown below. For proper work of the applications we recommend you to correctly follow these instructions.In the absence of activity on the account for 1 year, the service has the right to suspend the account.

Subscriptions that are suspended for more than a year will be automatically frozen and the funds added to the account. The funds will be debited from the account by 10% monthly.

Secrets Line applications

Secrets Line developed its own applications for following platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS

You can download the original application (or obtain genuine links to applications) only on the official website https://secretsline.org

Secrets Line team does not recommend you to use other operating systems for the Secrets Line applications. Secrets Line team declines all liabilities for use of the software products on third-party systems accordingly.

Usage restrictions

Following operations on IP addresses of the service are prohibited:
• sending e-mail spam;
• violation of the integrity of computer networks (hacking);
• the creation of parasitic workload on computer networks (DoS attack);
• use someone else's payment accounts, carding;
• fraud;
• prohibited actions violating legislation of a country in which the server is hosted.


Secrets Line use is possible only on a paid subscription in the user's personal account. On other platforms the app is used as part of your subscription, by entering the correct credentials.

The price of a monthly subscription is listed on the official website https://secretsline.org.

The Secrets Line subscription covers its use on all proposed platforms.

The subscription to an application can be interrupted at any time in your Secrets Line account. The refund procedure is described below.


The refund is subject to the impossibility of using the service for technical or other reasons. The refund will be made on the basis of contacting the customer support on the official channels (indicated on the website or via the website itself).

The refund will be made within 15 days of receipt of the client's application. The refund will be paid using the same payment method which was used by the client. The minimum amount of refund $10.


Secrets Line team is committed to improving quality of the services, thus trying to provide the greatest number of servers (locations) to access.

'All equipment requires periodic maintenance, so some servers may be unavailable for some time. Secrets Line reserves the right to move, remove servers and change their characteristics. Secrets Line does not guarantee availability of the service or a specific application in a specific country or region.

'Please note that when connecting two or more devices it is not possible to use the same server on both devices at the same time. On the second device you must select another server and continue working on it.

Customer support

If you experience any issues related to the servers or the applications, please contact the customer support. When applying try to describe a problem or a desire in details and be sure to specify what platform is related to your appeal. The customer support works 24/7.