Reliable traffic encryption

VPN reliably protects your Internet traffic by encrypting it with symmetric crypto algorithm AES-256-CBC.

No logs

Our service doesn't keep any information about your activity in the net.

BitTorrent, p2p, VoIP support

working with every device including mobile phones, also BitTorrent, p2p, VoIP are supported.

Safe WiFi

Complete protection against checking your confidential information, passwords, accesses and payment data at public wifi spots.

High speed

wide choice of servers with a large channel guarantees the fastest and stable operation.

Full anonymity

we replace IP-address of the source and it keeps in secret the information about real location and history of actions on the Internet.

Wide choice of servers

we provide 150 servers from 27 countries and 28 cities for your choise.

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Choose the necessary level of anonymity and use a single subscription at once on all devices:

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Traffic Encryption
Logs are not stored
Unlimited bandwidth
Torrent, P2P, VoIP Support
Secured Wi-Fi
Locations 27 countries 12 countries 27 countries
A month
Half a year
A year
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On all tariffs: Traffic Encryption, Logs are not stored, Unlimited bandwidth, Torrent / P2P / VoIP Support, Secured Wi-Fi

Price of VPN

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Discount 34%


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Discount 56%
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Coverage and possibilities

more than 25 connected countries
150 servers all over the world
over 5 000 users online

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